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Wedding is a special day where two souls unites after marriage. Its everyone dream to celebrate this special day in a very unique or grand way. Weddings are celebrating in different ways considering the cultures, religion, countries and social rituals. Weddings are always about vowing about how the couples take care of each other and their family to lead a happily ever after life officially and offers a presentation such as ring, necklace, mangal sutra and other forms of presents.

When its Wedding ceremony its really a very big day to celebrate and there are lots and lots of things you will have to take care of like wedding garments, Jewelry, make up, guest hospitality, Food arrangements, decorations and what not but when it is you who take care of all these things individually sometime you miss out few important thing and it results in compromising your wedding celebration

Hence, we at Make My Occasion are always ready to take over your entire event responsibility to keep you relaxed and enjoy your wedding. Make My Occasion has well experienced team of professional service provider.

We intake the entire wedding event let it be Engagement, Mehandi, Sangeeth, Nikha or wedding, reception or any other event under wedding.

When it is about you wedding all the rituals of wedding are very important and we at Make My Occasion strive hard not to compromise on any rituals as every event has its own importance such as:


Engagement Ceremony is a special day where the close relatives and friends gather to celebrate the ring exchange ceremony. All religions celebrate this ceremony of Exchanging of ring as it has its own importance as it is send when a ring is exchanged between to the bound between them grows deep.


Mehandi is Ceremony that take place before marriage here the important ritual despite of all religion it is all about applying mehandi in bride, groom and their friends and relatives. We at Make My Occasion has the best Mehandi artists who can put even more glow to your mehandi ceremony by beautiful mehanid designs.


Sangeeth is a ceremony where it is all about entertainment here a special sangeeth ceremony is organized with lightings, Music, dance and overall entertainment. To make this day even special Make My Occasion has its specialized services in providing quality lighting service which gives best ambience experience, professional DJ who can keep the sangeet night more entertained, we also provide choreography service to train you and your group.


Haldi ceremony is also a very important ritual where in the haldi, the mixture of sandalwood and turmeric are exchanged and applied to bride and the groom. This special day’s theme is mainly about yellow. The entire surrounding, dress will be designed and planned in yellow colored stuffs. We at Make My Occasion offers you the best Haldi event planned by decorating the entire place with marigold flower bunches, and arranging jewelry made of flowers which make the event even more special having all the beautiful ladies with floral jewelry.


Finally, it’s a day, wedding where the couples are officially going to be announced as Husband and wife. A very special day of one’s life. After all the rituals its finally the day and on this day the couple should look and feel their best. We at Make My Occasion put all our effort in providing best Decoration, Makeup, Designer wear and what ever is required create the most rejoiced event of your life.


After all the busy days it’s the final ritual the reception and we wont even compromise in this event and put our creativity to make this event as well a most remarkable day with our beautiful heartwarming decoration, makeup and best catering services.

Make My Occasion takes care of return gifts, decoration, floral jewelry for all your events.

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