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Hospitality is a concept of managing your clients or guest’s day to day needs. Hospitality is warmth respect and care towards your guests which builds understanding and appreciation among cultures and different organization.

Hospitality is one of the top business field in India that has attracted investment these days

When there is some upcoming event of you and your planning to invite guests its your responsibility to take care of their day to day needs such as stay, food and travel accommodations and we understand how stressful it is to manage multiple tasks at same time hence Make My Occasion is here to help you with taking care of your guests hospitality.

We have best hospitality management services to provide you where in we take care of your guest hospitality in best way. We have tied up with best restaurants and hotels for safe and clean stay and hygiene food arrangements.

Make My Occasion offers essential services on lodging and food for your guests, whether they are on the move for reasons of necessity, leisure or luxury. Hospitality is a main factor in every event and occasion and business trip, and is thus Make My Occasion provide the best hospitality service based on your requirement.

Make My Occasion provides hospitality services in the following fields:

Guest Escort Service:

Make My Occasion offers the best guest escort service. The guest will be given luxurious escort service on all aspects.

When a guest is traveling away from his/ her home it’s a difficult task for the guest to decide on their stay and food hence hospitality management industry plays a major role in taking care of all your requirement and provide the friendly service to its guests.

We have friendly and polite staffs who take care of carrying your language, escort guest to the room, arrange and facilitate hygiene food and introduce the guest with the facilities and services of the hotels and the room. Make My Occasions make sure the comfort zone of the guest is met at our guest escorting service.


Make My Occasion offers best accommodation service to our guests under hospitality management. When a guest or a traveler is away from his or her home accommodation is the main source one has to worry about but when you are new to the town it becomes stressful to decide all alone hence at Make My Occasion, we help you by providing the best accommodation service. We cover all range on hotels to suite with your accommodation requirement the best. We arrange the best accommodation within your budget and make your stay a pleasant stay.


Hospitality management is not just limited to guest escort service and their accommodation. The best hospitality service is about giving all the necessity services to the guest which also includes traveling facility.

Make My Occasion gives the best travelling services to our guests considering our guests schedule we arrange pick and drop facility. We also take care of guiding our guests and covering the tourists places they intent to visit.


Food plays major role in hospitality management industry as tasty food is the road to heart. Every one loves tasty food and offering the best food to our guest considering their taste and type will keep our guest satisfied.

Make My Occasion never compromises on offering the hygiene and tasty food. Make my Occasions hospitality management services are tied up with best restaurants in the city which are known for its taste and food.

We understand that our guests’ taste is different from ours hence Make My Occasion is best at its food industry in arranging all types of food such as Indian, Italian, Chinese and there is wide range that we cover.

Make My Occasion takes care of return gifts, decoration, floral jewelry for all your events.

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