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Hiring lets you hire certain services based on your requirement at some amount for a day or until you want to be rented.

Hiring is in huge demand as hiring services let you fulfill your requirement at small amount of investment where as owning a product or services just for specific requirement would result in waste of Money.

If your planning to go on a vacation with family or traveling for business requirement, hiring services plays a major role as it helps you giving the service your intending to have with minimal investment.

There are lot of competitors in the field of hiring service and it is important to research before you hire any service. As hiring withoutresearching would lead in misuse of your privacy in some cases as the number of fraud cases are increasing day by day.

Make My Occasion has our best hiring service with most trusted people in the field. We provide you the best services you intend to have considering your privacy and comfortability.

Make My Occasions most demanded service under hiring service are:

Vehicle Hire:

When you are traveling on business or travelling with family on vacation its very important to have a proper travel facility and we at Make My Occasion help you provide the best vehicle on hire based on your requirement.

At our vehicle rental service, we offer our customer the opportunity to choose the vehicle with respect to different deals and packages, which lets the customer to choose one among the best rentals

Make My Occasion offers vehicle rentals for Bus, Car,Ventage Cars,Doli, Cabs, White board andSelf Drive Cars

Make My occasion also has the experienced drivers and skilled driver who guides you the best. Our drivers are familiar with all the routes, direction of their locality which would result in leading our customer to their destination quick and easily.

Make My Occasion offers our customer safe and comfortable travel at affordable price.

Live Stock:

When it is about wedding people most prefer having their grand entry with the horse, chariot etc. ForRajput’s its their culture of entering the wedding with horse which represents their status and dignity. Not just Rajputs but also many people choose this way to have a grand entry on their wedding which would result in reputed entry.

Make My Occasion offers rental services of horse ride Horse cart and chariots for your wedding’s special entry. We take care of decoration of the horse and chariots and we have the best trained animals for your wedding which would result in safety of you and your guest.

Tent House:

Tent house in very important for outdoor decoration in wedding, not just in wedding but tent house is important for all type of event. While hosting your event in outdoor tent house helps you keep your mess outdoor.

Make My Occasion has quality tent house ready to be hired which helps you to handle crowd in your event. We rent out the tents which are easy and simple to fix. Make My Occasions has the variety of tents that would best suite with your event type which provides clear canvas to decorate and create a theme.

Make My Occasion rent out tents for all your events few of our most demanded tent houses are for pole tent, frame tent, canopy tent, party tent, event tent and more. We provide tent house for different size and shape.

We also provide rentals for Shamiyana, Chairs, Carpet, Grand Chairs and more.

Make My Occasion help you create a unique environment to make your event memorable.


A Perfect lighting on your event will result in charming décor. Lighting helps you transform your event venue and give a pleasant tone and mood to your event with respect to the type of event your organizing. Lightings creates a unique and amazing environment and let you transform your imaginative idea to reality.

Trailing lights are important part under lighting to create a unique look and feel for your venue.

Make My Occasion is here to offer you the best lighting service which lets your event glow in a inspiring nature we consider your requirement and type of lighting you prefer and offer the service accordingly.

Make My Occasions most demanded lighting services are for House lighting, Focus lights,Serial sets and more.

Make My Occasion takes care of return gifts, decoration, floral jewelry for all your events.

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