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Grand Entry

Grand Entry are on high demand in wedding celebration. Wedding itself is a very special occasion to celebrate and arranging for a Grand entry at your wedding or reception would make the event most entertained and remembered.

Wedding a day where two souls are officially accepting to stay with each other sharing their happiness and sorrow and treating each other’s family member as their family. At wedding we invite all our close relatives and friends to make the event special with the huge gathering of our loved one, where out guests make their time to attend the wedding from their special day therefore reception is arranged the next day of wedding as giving hospitality to the guests who attended the wedding. Both of these days are important and deserves the grand entry of a couple to keep the day filled with happiness.

Make My Occasion is here to help you decide and plan the various type of grant entry that suits your wedding theme.

Why just have an ordinary entrance at your wedding or reception when we can plan for an extraordinary entry for you. Make My Occasion is here to plan your event considering your budget no matter if your running with extra budget or on a low budget we help you plan the best ever remembered grand entry within your budget.

Few of the Most preferred grand entry styles are:

Arranging Flash Mob at your event:

The element of surprise created by a flash mob is, of course, massive fun. Wedding guests will usually expect entertainment such as a dance show, prop-filled photobooth, a four-piece jazz band, or the sweetie-cart.

Flash Mob needs to be an opening that will work perfectly with your wedding plam, making the dance performance appear to literally come out of nowhere.

It’s not just limited to the couple but also involve members of the bridal party for an extra special element of happiness.

Now when it’s your wedding to be planned and celebrated, a flash mob can be a one of its kind to celebrate and add asurprise for your sweetheart and all your guest.

We at Make My Occasion helps you create a best customized arrangement of flash mob for any of your event.

Entrance Décor:

Entrance of the event, the place where the couple enters should be decorated in the perfect way to make the event more delightful.

If your entrance is outside and at night, super long crackers can make a really best picture as you dance your way through them to the real dance floor to do your first dance

Entrance can be planned by decorating by lightings, flowers and balloons.

Great Vehicle for entrance:

When its your wedding its equally important how you set you impression to your guests. Entering your wedding with unique vehicle such as antique vehicle, horse carts, horse, elephant and others are the best way to enter your wedding.

Make My Occasion is here to help you with your grand entry requirement.


Haldi ceremony is also a very important ritual where in the haldi, the mixture of sandalwood and turmeric are exchanged and applied to bride and the groom. This special day’s theme is mainly about yellow. The entire surrounding, dress will be designed and planned in yellow colored stuffs. We at Make My Occasion offers you the best Haldi event planned by decorating the entire place with marigold flower bunches, and arranging jewelry made of flowers which make the event even more special having all the beautiful ladies with floral jewelry.


Finally, it’s a day, wedding where the couples are officially going to be announced as Husband and wife. A very special day of one’s life. After all the rituals its finally the day and on this day the couple should look and feel their best. We at Make My Occasion put all our effort in providing best Decoration, Makeup, Designer wear and what ever is required create the most rejoiced event of your life.


After all the busy days it’s the final ritual the reception and we wont even compromise in this event and put our creativity to make this event as well a most remarkable day with our beautiful heartwarming decoration, makeup and best catering services.

Make My Occasion takes care of return gifts, decoration, floral jewelry for all your events.

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