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Filming is very important in any type of event you plan to host.

Filming stores the memory of your special day which helps you rejoice your special day any time you look at the videos and pictures.

Filming creates the strong social connection by sharing moments and memories. The source of filming has kept various cultures together. Filming help us keep our culture and relationships with our future generation. By filming our special event it results in discussion between family, friends and also with a complete stranger enjoying recalling the memory digitally.

Filming is not just important for our social life but filming is equally or more important in corporate or business life like filming the usage and importance of a business and marketing it publicly helps business grow easily.

Make My Occasion has a professional filming team for all your requirement. Make My Occasions’ goals and moto under filming is to create a best memory by filming in professional way and providing a quality output.

Make My Occasion are best known for its services on Photography, videography, product shoot, Prewedding shoot, Theme shoot and Cinematography.

Every aspect under filming are very important in your day to day life.

And special when it is about event, filming is a must to create and store your best memories and enjoy the event with same happiness even after years by watching your events photographs and videos.

Make My Occasions best preferred services are:


In this digital era every people are fond of clicking photographs wherever they go and don’t you think it is important to capture your special events photographs as well to share it with your friends and family members who missed attending the event and spread the happiness to everyone. We at Make My Occasion are here to make your event super grand by capturing all your rituals and memories in a best way possible in form of photographs.

Whatever the event is photography are very important we offer regular photography and candid photography.

Candid photography one of the best sources of capturing your photos just focusing on you which will make you feel the best on your special day.

Under regular photography we try to cover all your guest including you capturing your happiness and storing it in form of photographs.

Make My Occasion has professional photographer who are expert in drone, spot mixing, crane and candid photography.


Photography is all about capturing a still picture where as in videography we capture your moving image. It is the best way of capturing your event wherein you can watch the videos even after years of the event any enjoy the event at same energy and happiness.

We at Make My Occasion has the best professional videographer who can capture your events happy memories and edit it perfectly with music’s and cover image and make your event even special while you watch your event video ever.

Pre wedding shoot: Wedding is however a very special day of one’s life and before heading towards that special day it is one of the sweet ways to have pre wedding shoot. Pre wedding shoot is a process of capturing the best moment with best pose of a couple before their wedding. Pre wedding shoot can be in form or photography or videography and also in both the forms as well.

We at Make My Occasion are here with our professionals who ever ready to capture your pictures and videos and give it an extra touch up to make it even more admirable.

Under pre wedding shoot Make My Occasions uses props and selects the best environment and theme to capture and make your pre wedding shoot a perfect one.

Theme shoot:

Theme shoot is a way of capturing your event with planned concept,

Make My Occasion is here with our professionalism to plan the theme and shoot your special moment with out magical retouch and create a most rejoiced photograph and videography.

Product Shoot:

Product shoots are usually done for Business for marketing their products and service. We at Make My Occasion are best at providing product shoots services.

We understand your business and arrange the professional photo shoot of your product in all possible angles with clear image which would help in highlighting the product in details.


Cinematography is a source of science and art which is used in capturing, manipulating and storing the moving images to create a motion picture.

Cinematography and videography are similar but both works in different concept. Videography captures the entire event without any concept where as in cinematography a moment is planned and captured.

Make My Occasion is here to help you with planning and creating your cinematography.

Make My Occasions most preferred cinematography is for wedding cinematography it can be either pre wedding shoot or post wedding shoot. where we create a concept, setup a music and shoot the video in dramatic mood and way. It looks more like a movie than just a wedding video.

Here we make a movie or film out of your wedding photos and videos by putting in our creative concepts and selecting the best place based on your requirement which would last for about 30min.

Make My Occasion takes care of return gifts, decoration, floral jewelry for all your events.

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