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Event, an occasion to celebrate. In everybody’s life they often get an occasion to celebrate but it seems stressful to plan an event all alone. An event is a joyful moment where all our loved relatives and friends are gathered to celebrate.

Events can be of any type like Corporate Events, Social Event, Marketing events and others. When it comes about planning an event it is very stressful no matter how big or small the event it.

Before hosting an event, one should make sure if he/she has made all the arrangements perfectly if the event isn’t planned perfectly it would be an embarrassing moment. Hence, we at Make My Occasion are here to help you plan your upcoming event in most perfect way where in you can leave the stress of planning and enjoy the event.

Make My Occasion has a team of expertise who put their creative skills to the creation and development of all types of events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts etc.

Make My Occasion studies the brand and Event, identifying its targeted audiences and guests based on the event concept and coordinating with logical and technical.

We at Make My Occasion plan and execute your event considering your event requirement which will lead to a successful event hosted ever.

Events are not just limited to large scale but any type of small-scale events as well.

At Make My Occasion our focus and goals are to serve our clients with all types of their event requirement at its best as every event has its own significance

Make My Occasion are in high demand for planning social events, few of our most demanded social events are:


Engagement Ceremony is a special day where the close relatives and friends gather to celebrate the ring exchange ceremony. All religions celebrate this ceremony of Exchanging of ring as it has its own importance as it is send when a ring is exchanged between to the bound between them grows deep.

Birthday Party Planner:

Birthday, the name itself sounds special. Yes, it is birthday the day when a special person has born and on this special occasion it is chosen to be celebrated and make that person feel even more special.

We at Make My Occasion plans the best birthday party with best decoration a regular décor and a themed decoration, perfect return gift based on the age of Birthday girl or boy, Customized cake and ny arranging the artists and games which keeps the guests more entertained.

House Warming:

In this growing world owning a house is very necessary and when you have owned your dream house it a very special moment to celebrate by inviting friends and family and seeking their best wishes.

Make My Occasion has the best House warming planner who plans and organizes your house warming event in a delightful way that keeps you and your guest happy. We plan your event considering your rituals we don’t compromise on anything on your special day.

Naming Ceremony:

A special little one has entered your life and its all ready to be named and afcourse this is your special day and needs to be celebrated.

We at Make My Occasion help your plan your baby’s naming ceremony in a perfect way considering decorations, return gifts, rituals and all that you are concerned about.

Threading Ceremony:

It is a Ceremony celebrated by a Brahmin Family upon introducing their concept to their young boy , and we at Make My Occasion are here to plan and host your child’s threading ceremony considering your rituals we don’t compromise on your requirement, we offer best pandit and purohit services, decoration, return gifts and others to make your event most rejoiced one.

Baby Shower:

Baby shower it is a day of soon to be Mom, who is about to enter her motherhood and making her feel special and blessed is an important thing to consider. Baby shower is a day where in all our loved one are gathered and bless the mom to be and her baby.

We at Make My Occasion are here to plan this day in most adorable way by planning a themed decoration, return gifts and following the rituals in a perfect way.

Make My Occasion are the best event planner in Bangalore and we are always ready to take up any challenges to make your event a super grand event.

Make My Occasion takes care of return gifts, decoration, floral jewelry for all your events.

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