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Decoration brings glow to your event. Decoration plays a major role in your event. Decoration create an ambience to celebrate in most rejoiced way.

When it is about hosting an event, it is very important to take care of decoration as decoration not just give a look to your event but also a pleasant décor gives the peaceful environment and fee to you and your guest.

Decoration, it is planned based on the type of gathering every individual event has its own theme to be considered and to be implemented on event decoration.

There are variety of event like birthday parties, corporate events, wedding and more each event has to be decorated in unique way for example a corporate event should always be decorated in professional way whereas for wedding and family gathering a romantic ambience would be preferred.

Hosting a party or event and also taking care of decoration would be very stressful hence we Make My Occasion is here to help you to décor on your special event in a perfect way.

We at Make My Occasion plan a perfect decoration considering your event type and requirement. Make My Occasion don’t compromise on anything when it is about your special event.

We décor your environment that would not just attract your guests but also keep them engaged and enjoyed.

Before planning an event we at Make My Occasion study and understand your requirement in details and plan on type of décor to be implemented by looking into various décor ideas.

Make My Occasions main moto and goal under decoration is to create outstanding ambience at your event.

Make My Occasion is best at its open place and inside venue decoration.

When it comes about decoration Make My Occasion is not just limited to flower decoration but we also take up balloon decoration, Theme decoration, Lightings and more to fit in to your event requirement as these are the important elements of your event.

Flower decoration:

Flowers are loved by every individual and no doubt on how romantic environment can be made with the floral decoration.

Flower decoration best suits with both open venue and inside venue and it all depends on how we decorate and Make My Occasion make the best out of our flower decoration.

Make My Occasion’s Flower decoration is not just limited to venue decoration but we do also cover Car decoration for wedding and any other events, Room decoration for newlywed or planning a surprise party and home decoration for all your event requirement.

Balloon Decoration:

Balloons are most loved by kids and teens and when it come about decoration balloons always rocks.

Balloon decoration are not just preferred for birthday parties and surprise parties but also balloon decorations are preferred by corporates on brand promotions, opening ceremony, Festival celebration and more.

We at Make My Occasion has our best professional balloon decorator and balloon artists to make your ambience look great.

Balloon décor suits best at both inside venue as well as outside venue decor.

Make My Occasions Balloon decorations are most preferred for birthday party decorations, stage decoration, room décor and for grand entry.

Balloon decoration are in major use in kids’ birthday party as kids loves playing with balloon an ambience filled with balloon and stuffed toys out of balloon, a grand welcome arch made up of balloon all these gives the best décor ever.

A combination of white and red balloon decoration is often preferred by married couples and teens while hosting a surprise party. a balloon decoration with perfect color combination give your surprise party a romantic look and feel which will blow your partner with happiness

Theme Décor:

Theme décor are in trend these days and how ever theme décor is best when it is about decoration. When you are planning to host an event, it is very important to understand what the event is about and by understanding the event we make the event theme clear supposing it’s a birthday event, we study and understand the age, interest, gender of a birthday kid and plan the decoration accordingly.

Under theme decoration we can use the combination of all the décor type such as balloon, flower and lighting decors.

We at Make My Occasion are here to help you with theme decoration at its best and not just limited to stage décor, car décor, house décor Make My Occasion covers everything under theme décor.

Lighting Decor:

Lighting are really the most important part to be considered when it is about decoration. No matter if you choose flower décor or balloon décor lighting are very much important at type of event. Lighting gives the glow to your event.

Make My Occasion carefully chooses the color combination for lighting considering your theme and event types.

Outdoor lighting and inside lighting both play a major role in giving the best output of great ambience. Make My Occasions major chosen light decoration are for stage décor and house decoration.

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