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We organize your event with professionality and we have all our ears on you to hear your idea of event and we will implement it by our creativity - Make My Occasion

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Make My Occasion.

Make My Occasion an Event Management Company in Bangalore Is Here to Make Your Event a Super Grand Event.

Be it a birthday party, a corporate event, or a social event, we cover everything in its best way. We have an experienced group of workers who are always ready to make an extra mile for you to make your event success. Make My Occasion’s dream is to deliver an event that will stay in your heart forever.


Make My Occasion is best at its catering services and are most referred by our happy clients

Good entertainments keep the guests happy and engaged through out the event. Entertainment programs helps to increase the energy of an event. make my occasion is the best of all

We at Make My Occasion are here with our professionals who ever ready to capture your pictures and videos and give it an extra touch up to make it even more admirable.

Make My Occasion Is the Best Event Planner in Bangalore

If you are planning to throw a Super grant event and want it to be one of its kind then contact Make my occasion, event management company in Bangalore to make your event a most cherished one. We assure you that we will give life to your Imaginative idea. We organize your event with professionality and we have all our ears on you to hear your idea of event and we will implement it by our creativity. We have a bunch of creative heads that will not only make your event successful, but it will also leave an everlasting best memory to you and your guests like never. Make my occasion will give its best to make the event more precise by implementing our creativity and your requirements.

Make My Occasion an Event Management Company in Bangalore Is Here to Make Your Event a Super Grand Event.

There is no such event that Make My Occasion cannot plan for you. Make My Occasion is the one stop solution for all your Event requirement. Be it a birthday party, a corporate event, or a social event, we cover everything in its best way. We have an experienced group of workers who are always ready to make an extra mile for you to make your event success. Make My Occasion’s dream is to deliver an event that will stay in your heart forever.

Here is the detailed list of Services that Make My Occasions covers


Wedding is the best part of one’s life so there is no point of compromising in any part of wedding rituals.

We are wedding planner who plan weddings for all religions. Every wedding we plan will be considering your rituals. We don’t compromise on any rituals and we plan a most cherished wedding.

Let it be Engagement a ring ceremony we focus covering decoration to arrangement of ring table , Mahandi planning arrangement of mehandi artist to decoration , Sangeet night or sangeet evening we take care of everything right from decoration to DJ , Haldi planning flower decoration to flower jewelry based on theme color , traditional or modern Wedding we plan wedding for all religion, Reception based on theme. Make my occasion covers planning of everything under wedding. We also take care of floral Jewelry and return gifts for your wedding event.

Everyone has an Event to throw on your daily life, and there is a difference in just throwing an event and throwing an event in a professional way. We at Make My Occasion help you organize an event in professional way. Make My Occasion don’t just help you organize your event but also, we focus on leaving a cherished memory to you and your guests.

We are here to listen your requirement; idea’s and we bring life to your imaginative idea of organizing an event.

We are here to plan all your events let it be Birthday, House warming function, Naming ceremony, threading Ceremony or Baby shower we plan a beautiful event for all your events.


Birthday parties are the best event to celebrate and we at Make My Occasion help you celebrate your birthday even in a most special ways let it be First Birthday, Kids Birthday, teen birthday and adult birthday we cover everything under birthday party. Make My Occasion takes care of theme decoration, invitation, artists and everything that comes under birthday to make your birthday event memorable. Make my occasion also take care of return gifts.

House warming Ceremony:

We cover both traditional hindu ghruha pravesha and modern house warming ceremony events.

Gruha Pravesh is a ceremony performed on the occasion of one's first entry into a new house. Once the house is ready, the family moves in on an auspicious day that is determined by the astrological charts hence We at Make my occasion consider Purity of panchang (almanac) and auspicious time (muhurat) during the gruha pravesh and plan a blessed traditional hindu House warming ceremony.

We also plan a modern house warming ceremony with a beautiful decoration and implementing your ideas.

Make my occasion also take care of return gifts

Naming Ceremony:

A Naming ceremony is a very special event at which a person is officially given a name by their loved one. Every religion celebrates naming ceremony, with methods differing over cultures and religions. We at Make my Occasion plan your baby’s naming ceremony in most special way considering your rituals and ideas to organize the event.

We at make my occasion take care of theme decoration and return gifts as well.

Threading Ceremony:

Upanayana is a means of the sacred thread ceremony where the concept of Brahman is introduced to a young boy. We at Make my Occasion will help you organize this threading ceremony Strictly considering the typical Brahmin rituals.

We at Make My Occasion take care of return gifts, decoration and everything that comes under threading ceremony.

Baby Shower:

Motherly hood is a very important part of Mom to be women. When a baby is on the way, the parents aren’t the only ones that get excited. All your loved one’s might be future grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, and other loved ones will also be excited to welcome the newest small member of the family. A baby shower is one of the most traditional ways in which your close ones gathers to express their joy at your pregnancy. Baby shower is the special moment for all your close friends and family to share happiness and blessing with the expectant parents and to “shower” them with gifts, love, and best wishes before the birth

As the baby shower is the special occasion not only to the parent to be but also to the entire loved ones of the expected one. it is very important event to celebrate and to spread the joy and give blessings to Mom and New baby.

We at Make My Occasion help you rejoice your special moment in a most Christabel by letting your ideas alive, the pleasant decoration, return gifts and much more services we offer to make this special day a most lovable day.


Brand Promotions plays a major role in marketing your business in this digital era, we constantly promote brands in media formats, using both traditional media and adapting to new digital technology. In the age of digital, advertising plays major role and requires creative and fresh ideas to promote the brand. At Make Your Occasion we bring out the finest brand promotion ideas to our clients considering every new challenge and stand apart in promotions.

We use the traditional method of sampling activity, direct marketing and organize promotional events in public to introduce your business or to advertise the business to public.

Make My Occasion’s moto is to highlight the brands & corporates. We believe in the sales of our client’s services and help spreading the brand visibility, awareness and execution of the product’s message with a promotional objective.


Whatever the event is, the event completes only when the stomach is happy. Make My Occasion has the best catering service to provide professional service with top notch taste.

Make my Occasion serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, we also setup food stalls for any corporate or social events.

Under Vegetarian Catering we serve South Indian catering as well as north Indian styles Catering considering the taste and dishes of different regions.


Event is perfect only when the ambience is decorated, the impact of the proper decoration is immense and it plays an important role in enhancing the feel and set a perfect time to conduct any particular and specific event. In fact, the type of decoration says the importance of any event and its significance. It is always a challenge for decorators

Make My Occasion understands that each and every event has its own importance and take the challenge to give the best look and feel to your event

recognizing the difference of decor between social events like marriage, birthday and corporate event are very important as both the types have their own look and feel in decorations. Marriage decoration exhibits pomp and show whereas the corporate event decor is always focused towards calm, serene and elegant clearly expressing the values of corporate event.

Let it be a drape, flower, theme decor, balloon decoration, lightings Make My Occasion will help you decorate in most admirable way based on your event type.

Make my Occasion don’t just help you in your event decoration but also provide individual decoration services such as stage décor, car décor, Room décor, home décor and more.


An Event is always an important moment of one’s life but it becomes more cherished when the moments form the event is captured and stored. Out of sight is always out of mind so filming the event plays major role in whatever the event might be as it can be viewed any time and cherished. It brings back the happiness even after years.

Make My Occasion has the best professionals with years of experience for Photography, videography, pre wedding shoots, Theme shoot, product shoot, Cinematography and more


When it is about your special day it is also important that you look best on your special day.

We at Make My Occasion have professional makeup artists to give you the best grooming service.

We have expert make-up artist for all occasions Few of the most demanded Grooming services of Make My Occasion are Bridal Makeup, Groom Make over for Hair dressing, Saree dripping, Body polishing, and other make-ups, and Mehndi Artists for bridal mehandi service as well as for regular mehandi services.


people are more concerned about one’s social status or image. The main reason is because everyone wants to be loved, to be known and wants to be an important person that others take an interest.

Competitor for marketer are very high and there is competitor who are eager to grab the opportunity from this point to do marketing and create a good image for the company.

Invitation cards and greeting cards are the most crucial source of marketing which is in high demand as marketing tools and help achieve reaching a greater number of guests or clients. invitation cards and greeting cards always strengthen relationships within the organization and between individual by making the one who is been invited feel wanted.

Invitations are not just important for marketing but also important in social event such as invitation for wedding, birthday, naming ceremony, House warming and more to build good relation and invite our loved one for our special occasion. Make My Occasion focuses on designing the beautiful invitation for your social and corporate event which attracts your guests.


The type of hospitality you provide to your guest describes your status. Impress your guests with our top hospitality services in guest escorting, Accommodation, traveling and food.

We take care of your guest’s hospitality which includes Pick up and drop from Bus, Railway station or Airport and accommodation based on your preferred category 3 start, 5 star stays and take care of their quality meals for your guests.


Choosing what you wear on your wedding is a very difficult task as it is your wedding and you have to look your best. We at Make My Occasion have professional designer who can help you design your apparel to look you more gorgeous on your event. We offer apparel service of unique designer wears for Bridal wear; Groom wear and group wear. A themed dress can be designed as per your requirement.


Ornaments make you look even more beautiful and specially when it’s your wedding or special day it is very important that you stand out more beautiful. Choosing the jewelry is one of the important tasks for your events let it be Silver, Gold or diamond Make my Occasion help you choose the best design comparing with multiple vendor and multiple designs. All the jewelry Make My Occasion offer are from trusted vendors and has hallmark sign.


Make My Occasion provides Renting services for you event on

Vehicles: we have variety of vehicles at great condition to rent out on your special occasion such as Bus, Car, Ventage Cars, Doli, Cabs, White board, Self-Drive Cars etc.

Carriages and Horse: The demand for horse-driven chariots has gone up significantly in our Indian weddings. An entry in horse chariot is a royal ceremony. Taking wedding couple in a procession on a decorated horse-drawn chariot with latest numbers being played in the background has been the latest trend here and most of the people seek for horse chariot in their wedding. We at Make My Occasion offer renting of Horse ride, Horse cart for wedding or any occasion.

Tent House: We rent out tent house services for all events such as wedding. Birthday party, naming ceremony and more. Our tent house renting includes renting of Shamiyana, Chairs, Carpet, Grand Chairs etc.

Lighting: Make my Occasion rent out lighting services to your event to make your event more attractive by adding colorful lightings in your surroundings. We offer you lighting services considering your requirement such as single colored lightings, multi colored lightings and more. Lightings make your event feel live at night. We rent out House lighting, focus lights, Serial sets etc.


At Make My Occasion we strive to deliver what our client seek for- Planning a Birthday party of your Kid, there is wedding held or whatever the event is up to and your still confused on selecting the quality and theme Birthday Return Gift or return gift to any of the event you are planning to host.

Return gift is the best way to pass on to the guest as a Good gesture which they will remember for a long time

Make My Occasion serve return gifts for birthday, Nikah, Tambala, Malida and more.


Good entertainment helps guests have fun and make your event memorable. When guests have fun, they engage better with others and enjoy the party you host. Let it be a Corporate event or social event entertainment plays major role in keeping your guest entertained through the energy of the event increases and the mood becomes a very positive one.

Our Entertainment Service includes:

Music Service: We at Make My Occasion provide Orchestra, band, DJ and Dhol services for any of the events you host.

Games: Games not just keep the kids entertained but also keeps your adult guest entertained we at Make My Occasion has the best entertained game services to offer you on your event. We provide games such as Jumping bouncy, Archery, balloon burst and more.

Artist Services: These days Artist management service are in high demand, hosting an entertained party with multiple artistic shows such as Comedian, Mimicry Artist, Juggler, Joker, Junior Artist, Cartoon characters and other live shows gives an additional glow to your event.

We at Make My Occasion has the best artist management services for all your event requirement.


When it is about event it is also important that how we welcome our guests and couple of the day. We a Make My Occasion offers the best Grand welcome service for all your event requirement.